Welcome to First Presbyterian Church, Milan, IL

We are a vital, caring, Christ-centered community of faith that seeks to realize and live forth God's healing grace.

We believe that we are called together to know God's incredible love as demonstrated in Jesus Christ.  This means praising God each week in worship. God's Word of truth and grace is proclaimed in ways that help us connect these truths to our everyday lives. We joyfully sing praises that lighten our hearts.  Worship also allows us to come together to share, support and enjoy our connection with brothers and sisters of the faith. Laughter and smiles are the medium of grace in our midst, and we welcome visitors, seekers, guests and all.

Reaching out into our community is a large part of our identity.  We seek to offer that which we have been given, to tell the story of God's love and goodness for all people through ministries of hope and healing.

We invite you to join us in whatever way seems right and good to you. In the mean time, let us tell you our story in these pages. In so doing we reach across cyberspace to begin a friendship that invites you to come home to be a part of our community, a place where you can belong.